Grand Canyon Day 1

A tradition that we have in my family is that every year we go on holiday we get a Christmas ornament, seeing as we stopped at this quaint little market and there was a Christmas section I couldn’t just pass this opportunity by. I got two and a few other trinkets and postcards.

This little market was our only stop before pushing on to get to the Grand Canyon in good time. We had to jump out so fast to get a group picture at the parks entrance sign. It was the busiest one yet and its not positioned great but I guess when they put the sign there it wouldn’t be a tourist stop.

As per trek tradition we stopped at the visitors center and donned our bandanas again, this time covering our eyes so we were essential blind for a while. This had a purpose though, Shaun placed our hands on each others shoulders in a single file line and led us forwards so there would be a big reveal at the Canyon. I was terrified as by now I’d shown multiple times that heights and steep drops were not my cup of tea, thankfully this time Shaun made a concession for me and placed me a little back from where he had placed the others. On the count of three we all whipped our bandanas off and took in the sight in front of us. It was epic, I don’t think pictures will ever do the vastness of the canyon justice; it really is one of those places you have to experience. We got to then explore the watchtower; the lookout was another edge I erred on the side of caution. We got back in the van and set off to our campsite that was actually in the parks grounds.

During lunch I really had to psych myself up as I had elected to go on the aerial tour over the Grand Canyon. I really wanted to do this and I was nervous the entire ride over to where we had to pay and confirm the ride. I got to sit in the co-pilot seat which was nuts because I had a full view of everything in front of me. It helped my nerves I think to be able to see what the pilot, who was Irish was doing. Wearing the headphones to talk to each other was fun but took a few minutes to get used to as we all felt very close together but sounded far away. It was a 45-minute ride and it went by so fast, the views were insane and I’ll be forever proud of myself for doing it. Hopefully it’s not something I’ll forget, as seeing it from above really made it real and really rivaled that first view I had. Safely back on the ground we thanked our pilot and took a photo with him.

Back at camp we tried to write down our ideas for an awards night for the next night of the tour as it was going to be at a cowboy ranch, coming up with categories was proving a little difficult so we went for a walk to clear our heads and hopefully find inspiration. We headed in the direction of the shop and there was a surprising amount of alcohol, so we stocked up and headed back to our campsite. Getting back to camp we saw that a stag had wandered into our campsite so we all paused where we were, as we didn’t know what to do but wait and not move. Thankfully he passed right on through after rubbing his antlers on a tree. This drink helped the category idea process and we carried on well into the night, lighting a fire so we could keep going past dark. The sky was so clear; I’d never seen so many stars. I kept an eye out for a shooting one but sadly I didn’t get to see one before I headed to bed.

Some of the photos I took:


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