Zion National Park

Before this trip I never thought I’d consider 7am a lie in but seeing as today was a 5am start, I’m missing setting my alarm for a normal time. I also have three alarms set so that I wake up and can slowly wake Kirsty before I start taking the tent down around her. Today I was a pro and managed to put my contacts in as we were driving.

My anxiety level was through the roof and it kept building the closer we got to Zion. As the mountains/hills were amazing to be driving into and around but they kept getting taller and taller. I managed to go with the group on the shuttle to the stop to get off to do the angels landing hike.

As there was a storm rolling in the group had been warned we had to do this hike as quickly as possible so I really tried to keep a grip on my panic until I reached the switchbacks looking up to the top, I couldn’t take another step, I really, really wanted to but I couldn’t. No-one turned around to try and help, I watched them walk ahead and took a few breaths to try and continue but next thing I know I’m crouching on the floor with a couple speaking German standing above me handing me a brown bag to breathe into.

They were so lovely helping me get through this sudden attack. I told them to go after a while, as I didn’t want to hold them back from getting on with the hike. I slowly on wobbly legs walked back to the start of the hike, I was so mad and upset at myself it all came to a head the minute I found a rock to sit on alone. Crying in contacts is not nice, I was determined not to waste this day though as I was at the crossroads that lead to the Upper and Lower Emerald Falls hike. I did this by myself and it was a good and interesting hike but I still couldn’t help beating myself up over having such a stupid fear. I walked under the waterfall and had a snack sitting in a quiet place on the side of the emerald pool.

The storm never happened so the time limit on the hike didn’t really matter it just meant that we headed back to camp quicker than they thought we would.

Laundry was the first thing on most of our minds and we all went swimming in the camp pool whilst waiting for it. We did it separately to the boys this time as we learnt our lesson last time. It was a great way to spend our last afternoon camping and to cool down.

Dinner had mama chef Bree at its helm making the camp burgers and her chips. We should always let her cook, as it was so good. Some of the burger buns had been used for lunch though so as Shaun had had a drink poor Kirsty and Liam had to walk ages to go and get more, they were real champs for doing this. The rest of us watched their laundry in return.

After dinner I got everyone still milling about to grab their white shirts and to get signing. It was hilarious seeing what people were writing and I think it’s my favourite keepsake of the whole trip.

I had really grown to love our tent, Nostradamus, others weren’t ready to go to bed either so a few of us dragged our roll mats out to lie down together and look for shooting stars. I finally bloody saw one after a half hour of just relaxing. I was ready to call it a night by this point as my body after the mornings panic attack and swimming was exhausted.

Pulling myself together I took a few photos:


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