Las Vegas Day Two

Why is it that when you have been drinking you always wake up earlier than you want the next day? This was how my second day in Vegas started, I also happened to wake Louise and Rebecca when I called their room to see if they wanted to go get breakfast. Luckily they weren’t mad at me as I think they had called the others and done the same thing. We all headed off to the hotel buffet and it was amazing, there was fresh fruit, pancakes, bacon and so much more. It felt wrong to only have one plate, so we all made the most of it and went back for seconds, and for some thirds.

Us girls decided to spend the morning shopping, which for me is shocking as it’s not something I usually volunteer to do. The first mall we went to had Wi-Fi so I managed to call home and wish my sister a happy birthday. I don’t think I’ve ever shopped so much in life before today; I went into hot topic, bought two charms to commemorate the trip and a ring in Pandora. Rebecca and Louise also bought the suitcase and America charm.

Little Italy was the most interesting and fascinating place I’d been shopping, I spent a fair bit in Sephora, which forever saddens me that we don’t have it in the UK. Side not Kat Von D’s tattoo liner is the best thing I have ever bought.

Exhausted from shopping we headed back and I chilled with Rebecca and Louise in their room for a bit before heading back to mine to get ready for our evening out; Cirque De Soleil at Treasure Island.

Before the show we treated ourselves to slices of pizza opposite the theatre and this was all still in one hotel! Vegas buildings are insanely huge.

The show itself was super trippy, funny in places but the gymnastics were remarkable. I lost track of the story in parts because I was so focused on watching the gymnasts perform. It was entertaining but I couldn’t for the life of me understand or follow the fact that it was meant to be about the earth forming and progressing.

After we all headed out for a walk along the new strip and just explore, collecting dollar chips where we could and sipping on our frozen cocktails in our crazy skull and cowboy boot cups. Las Vegas really is another world.

We checked out the flamingo, the original casino after our quick stop to McDonalds as we were starving. We seemed to walk around for ages as we wandered through the new strip until we got a cab back to Freemont Street to so the same. You really can’t tell if its day or night here because of the lights and we caught a Beetles themed light show this time, not my favourite at all. We went in a few shops and bought some trinkets before deciding to head back to the Nugget and go to bed. It was the craziest two days but I’d loved all of it.

Vegas day two photos:


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