Last Day, Los Angeles

I didn’t think I had bought that much yesterday, but repacking my case was trickier today. I got it all in and struggled with the bitch of a case all the way to the lobby. Leaving was weird as there was this whole city and then nothing, just desert and solar panels.

There were some towns we passed though on our way into California but they were like ghost towns, they were so small. We did stop at one to see the route 66 museum, however it was shut so that was a huge disappointment. It did however mean lunch was the next stop or as it turns out not. Some of the gang were at a 5 five for needing the bathroom. This it turns out was not simple for once, and another drama for the trip diary. Everywhere stopped in LA didn’t have a bathroom or it was out of order. I felt really sorry for the guys who needed the loo, as it was torturous for them to keep getting their hopes up and then dashed. Thank god for a Starbucks, but this was not the end of the drama as this was a one way street with a dead end so it took Shaun and the guys a half hour to help him maneuver our van and trailer out of there.

As it was our last day we picked the Hollywood sign to stop at, we climbed up to the viewpoint, as they don’t let you go all the way up to it anymore. The view of LA in front of us was so vast, I never had a clue it was that big. We tried and failed to take a group shot with the sign in the background as it’s so small but it is there.

Heading back into LA we stopped at the Hollywood walk of fame, this was where we said our goodbyes to Stefan, as he was booked into a different hotel. I think Andrew was the saddest saying goodbye to him; they had a funny little friendship over the last 33 days. The walk of fame really reminded me of visiting Oxford Street in terms of sheer tourist attractions and the amount of people walking around in their own little worlds. It was fun finding all the names that we wanted on the street and seeing the Chinese Theatre. Finding the names had taken most of our time but we made a mad dash for the gift shop before heading to the pick up point. On the way there were two guys dressed as Spiderman and Deadpool and me being me I couldn’t pass up this photo opportunity.

The mood when we got back into the van was reflective as we talked about our favourite, funny and memorable moments from this trip. It was sad but funny and even Shaun joined in.

Getting to the hotel we took our last group photo in front of the van before checking in and saying goodbye to Shaun. All checked in we realized our group adventure was over and I really didn’t want it to end. Luckily the other group were staying here too before continuing on their next 33 days together, as we were all in the same place we went out to dinner and Christine joined us. The restaurant we went to we basically took over one half of it, as there were 18 of us. It was the best way to end our time together, good food, drink and chat.

I was the first awake the next day as my train to San Diego was at 11.15am. I woke up Andrew bless him so I could say goodbye, everyone else came to the lobby to see me leave. It was sadder than I had expected it was going to be, spending 24/7 with everyone for the last 33 days had been the best experience of my life. I felt like I had a whole new family and had made friends for life. It was weird to carry on travelling for a bit without them. The group chat was going to continue and we merged it with the other group so all of us could chat and hopefully set up a day in the future to see each other again.

Last set of photos from my coast to coast south journey:


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