A Weekend in Dorset

When we said we would be friends for life, we really meant it.  It had been nine long months but we were all set to meet up again.  On our anniversary weekend too!

James’s lovely parents had kindly said we could use their holiday cottage in Dorset, providing that we didn’t mind that it only had two bedrooms and there would be ten of us. We had all camped and been rather drunk together, we didn’t really care about personal boundaries at this point, that and Louise and her boyfriend Rob had booked a long weekend off work so they had booked into a hotel up the road.

As the house was in part of Dorset that’s not really accessible by train so James and Rebecca had volunteered to drive us down. I had said that we could use my house as a base as it is just outside of central London so those who were getting the train into central we could meet them there easily. This worked out well as Rebecca drove here the Thursday night and stayed and James timed that he went past Heathrow he could pick up Kirsty and Liam who’s flights came in early. I had croissants out for everyone so they could have breakfast while we waited for news on Holly and Sian’s train journey.

We timed it perfectly to meet them at Kings Cross Station and go and see the Platform 9 3/4 sign as a few of us are potter heads. It was then that we went for a walk to Five Guys for lunch and to meet Steph, pretty sure everyone in London heard Kirsty scream her name. It was hilarious and such a good shout for lunch before heading back and starting our drive.

It took a little longer than we thought getting there as there were pointless speed restrictions for men that were meant to be working on the motorway but they were nowhere in sight but yet we still had to slow down. Driving into Dorset was so picturesque; I could see why people want to retire here. We found the pub pretty easily but it took us a few minutes to spot the little walkway that led to James’s cottage, him not actually having gone there it was up to all of us to spot it from his parents directions.

It was so quaint! The kitchen had a cool skylight so it felt so open and the woodwork in the place it really was a cute little house. It didn’t take us long to get in touch with Louise and Rob and to decide to visit the little town high street for dinner and drinks. This didn’t turn out to plan, as even though it was a Friday night it seemed like everyone had gone to bed already, it was harder than we had thought to find somewhere to sit and have dinner. Thank god for Kebab shops, that never seem to close. This long day was rounded out with Chips on the beach at night and us trying to get away from the odd guys that we had met in the kebab shop. Clearly going out at night is a new concept down here.

The next day we were up and ready to explore, despite the threat of rain we walked the hilly way into the village and this time it was packed. There was niche little shops and obviously a Co-op. We headed towards the boardwalk in search of lunch and to escape the drizzle. Surprisingly enough last night we couldn’t find anywhere open and yet today we couldn’t find anywhere that didn’t have a wait for a table. We kept walking and found a little sandwich and chip shop right by the beach. It had enough tables for all of us, just and we escaped the sudden downpour. I swear none of us ever stop talking when we are together, no subject is off limits and we haven’t run out of conversation topics yet. Despite the rain we wanted ice cream, I mean who goes to the seaside and doesn’t have ice cream?

We were spoilt for choice on the boardwalk but I wanted to go to the one that was offering lemon curd, I couldn’t leave fully happy having not tried it. It was amazing and the cone having sprinkles around the edge, genius.

Walking back to the house we kept going to the pub, which was not even 3 minutes away. James’s parents had recommended it and it was great, the owners were so welcoming and it was weird for a minute because they knew so much about James but yet he hadn’t met them. Dinner was so filling and we even face timed Bree so she didn’t feel left out of this reunion.

I had brought along Cards Against Humanity and everyone had bought alcohol, so that was our evening sorted. It was hilarious and you know if you have played it. It never gets old, even if you are like me and know the cards that could come up it’s the ever changing combinations that get me every time.

The time for us to pack up and leave had come around so fast! It doesn’t ever feel like a goodbye though as we tend to have a tradition now of whenever we meet up we plan the next time before really experiencing this meet up. It’s not a bad tradition as it means rather than being sad each time we have to part we are excited at the idea of seeing each other and a new place.

Stanard here are some photos:


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