Easter In Copenhagen Pt One

It had almost been a year to the day that I had seen my trek family, and I do not get up at 4am for just anyone. I would do it for them and that’s why I was up at that ungodly hour and at Heathrow Airport at 5am all checked in and ready to meet them in Copenhagen!

(Side note whoever suggested that self checking in your bag and printing your ticket is a good idea is wrong, I was still partially asleep and not up to all this manual labour)

Being at an airport this early alone isn’t that much fun, there not really any people watching as everyone looks so zombiefied and nothing is open as I don’t blame people for not wanting to work that early. My flight was running on time so at 7am off I went!

I sat at the airport for an hour before Rebecca’s flight landed and we managed to find each other and it turns out if Kirsty had managed to get her phone working I wouldn’t have had to wait alone as she had been doing the same. Ah well we three were together now and James and Holly should be landing soon.

Copenhagen you have an amazing tube network, it’s reasonably priced, easy to use and on time. From a Londoner this is high praise and naturally I sorted out our tickets to get to our hostel. It was right in the center of town and there was this amazing pepsi mural on the building next to it. We checked in and checked out our room, with Liam joining us at this point. It was going to be a fun weekend all seven of us bunking together. With these guys I wouldn’t want it any other way.

We walked a short distance after getting settled in search of lunch and then consequently Tara, who we all thought had come from Australia just for this trip, turns out she had but she had been in the UK for a week sorting out all her stuff that was left there. I’m pretty sure people thought we were crazy when we found her on the street and our reaction was rather loud but that’s just who we are!

Naturally we had found each other and had food so next on our to do, drinks and a proper catch up. It was a tad difficult to find a bar that was open because it was Easter Weekend and so places had restricted hours. We did find one bar near our hostel but walking in it stank of cigarettes and we could all feel our feet sticking to the floor, so we left pretty quickly and headed down this little alley until we found another bar that was offering 2 for 1 on cocktails, you didn’t need to tell us this twice. It was tiny but perfect, we had the bar to ourselves for ages and made friends with the barman, who incidentally was the owner. So after a little while we didn’t even need to stand up to get our next round in.

Wandering round Nyhavn at night a little drunk was a good decision by Tara, it had such a safe and nice atmosphere, it was bloody cold mind you but it was cute that the restaurants had outdoor heaters and blankets for those that wanted to sit by the river. We found a bridge that was covered in Locks and walked around the bay in a loop back to the hostel; it had been a long day but so worth it.


The next morning we decided to pay for the hop on hop off bus to really see the city, it was reasonably priced and seeing as it was meant to rain all morning siting on the warm bus for an hour was the best idea. On these tours you really do get to see all that places have to offer, braving the drizzle we disembarked to go and see the Little Mermaid statue, it was a lot smaller than I was expecting and tricky to get a group shot with because of the slippery rocks in front of it. We walked up a little to the next stop to see the sexy Ariel statue that Carlsberg commissioned when the original went on a world tour, who knew statues, did that?! It was literally the polar opposite of the original but still worth seeing, after that we saw the fountains, huddled like penguins in front of some of the oldest buildings, saw the Hans christen Andersen statue, looked at the Tivoli amusement park than inspired Disney to build Disneyland.

We grabbed a dinner at the local dominos and took it back to the hostel to eat in the common area before getting ready to go to our new friends bar again. This time we weren’t the only ones there but we managed to have the same table and even got free shots. Someone had a drinking game on their phone, which was entertaining, and easy to follow, we played that for a while and kept laughing and chatting when it ran out of things for us to do or think about. It lead to some rather interesting stories that we hadn’t heard each other tell before, some of them are so not appropriate to ever repeat.

Some photos from the first half of the weekend:




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