Easter in Copenhagen Pt 2

Waking up to sunshine was just the best, seeing as we were so close to Nyhavn we grabbed breakfast at the hostel and went for a walk. It was even more scenic in the sunshine, it was still cold mind you but that didn’t stop us.

We managed to find the trampolines that were in the street floor, they were a lot more springy than I was expecting and so much fun, more places should have them installed I think. As the weather was holding out for us and it was still fairly early we decided to head to the Church of our Saviour and walk up to the top.

I put on a brave face and started the accent, whilst it was small inside I could cope but the minute we stepped out on to the top and could see the whole of Copenhagen it was amazing. It was seriously windy up there and I pushed myself to keep walking around the spiral but I couldn’t quite make it to the top with everyone else. Getting back on the ground and looking up, I was glad I did it but I prefer being on the ground.

As we still had the hop on hop off tickets we jumped on the next bus we saw and headed to Amalienborg, which is home to the Danish royal family. It’s extremely fancy and pretty cool that it’s in a circle that apparently has special underground walk ways so people who work there don’t have to be stopped by tourists all the time. Trying to get a picture with a guard was scary as Tara got a bit to close and as his gun was on our side he slammed it on the ground and made me jump as he shouted too. I was so glad we got the photo and could walk away. Frederik’s Church is at the top of the walkway by the palace and so we went in for a quick look, it was quick for me as working churches wig me out a bit. I don’t know what happens but its so silent I find it hard not to make any noise. The artwork in the church was stunning and worth going in to see.

From there we tried to find lunch and headed to the square by the Hans statue, it was a very fancy café. From there we went to see Rosenborg Slot and explored the park as it wasn’t too far from our hostel and the castle was shut. The gardens were great and it was really the first time we had a glimpse of all the people that lived there, as it was a weekend there were groups of teens. We also found the perfect nonchalant statue for Kirsty to pose with.

After all this walking we were knackered and headed back to the hostel to have drinks and play some card games. Hot busses is a killer, it is also hard to keep track when you are a little drunk and in charge.

It was also at this point James causally mentions a video from Vegas that he has had for 2 years, that he plays when he needs a laugh. None of us had any idea that this video even existed! It was hilarious I don’t remember getting out of the party bus at the Vegas sign and singing and Stefan dancing, but yet we did and now I have a copy of the video for proof.

It had been an amazing weekend and leaving is always a little bittersweet, also flying with a hangover and then having to get the tube home from the airport is not a good idea, my bed always looks the best when I have a journey like that.

Check out the sunny photos:


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