Northern Trail

Getting into LA, I was first to arrive in my room share so I jumped in the shower to wash away the airplane stale feeling and found the challenge on MTV so I watched that and waited for my roomie to arrive. I saw her bags before I saw Mel. Honestly I was half asleep at this point but wanted to make a good impression and she starts telling me about her day and how she was practically abducted by scientologists. Who proceeded to tell her how anti-social and judgmental she was. I don’t think this was the best way to say hi to me but we rolled with it and I found it pretty funny to be honest.

Our first day started how all trek’s do; paperwork. We met our leader Seth, the Texan and got all the boring paperwork out of the way so we could move on and hear more about the trip itself. This was a lot more exciting to find out about. There were four girls; four guys; Mel, Jamie, Hannah Doug, Ed, Mansu, Brian and me. It was a nice split.

After our quick intro’s it was out to load our stuff into the trailer and onwards to the Hollywood walk of fame. I’d seen it on my last trek so I was happy to just follow the group around. The new Pirates film was evidently coming out as they were setting up the road for the premiere, which was pretty cool to see. I found some foot and handprints in the Chinese theatre, which I didn’t see last time; I obviously sent Kay the hunger games one, as that’s our thing. We also walked up to the viewpoint to see the Hollywood sign from the back of the theatre.

Next up, our first grocery shop. As it was our first night camping, Seth was on cooking duty but we would be helping, he had chosen to do his family recipe of something called spoon burgers. Vons was pretty decent for gluten free food, which was a new worry of mine but I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it and be that super awkward person. The shop was done in pretty good time and we headed to a nice park nearby for lunch. It was a really great green space and it was nice to sit with everyone and chat about what we do back home, I sat with Jamie and Mel soaking up the sun, while the others tossed around a football and Frisbee.

We briefly got to stop in Santa Barbara and it’s a really beautiful place, I loved the Spanish style tiling on the houses there. Jamie and I headed off towards the pier for a little walk and almost stopped to have our palms read but the lady was busy. I got to spend a little time on the beach, which was nice before we set off to set up our tents for the first time.

Flying Flags was a pretty sweet campsite and we had completely new tents, Seth hadn’t even unboxed them to show us that they really were new. The tents were half domes so a little trickier to set up than the A frame ones I had on my last trip, they were a lot nicer though so it was worth the little bit of extra effort. Naturally Seth named all of the tents after events or people from Texas, not Beyonce though.  Mine and Jamie’s tent therefore was to be known as Bonnie and Clyde.

Spoon burgers were so so good, who knew meat, rice and pepper in a wrap tasted that good. Of course my wraps being gluten free didn’t stay together as well as everyone else’s when you add something warm to them but hey it still tasted the same even if it fell apart. I had seconds despite the mishaps I was having.

As it had turned chilly now the sun had set we headed over to the main buildings fire pit to keep warm and chat about the trips optional activities. They all sounded awesome and I couldn’t wait for the busy days ahead. I knew how fast the trip goes from past experience so I was determined to make the most of it and see and do as much as I could. At around ten thirty we all called it a night.

Photos from the first day:


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