San Francisco Day One

Packing up camp was pretty easy and we actually set off in time, the drive wasn’t to picturesque but we did past Pismo Beach. Which if clueless is one of your guilty pleasure films like it is mine, then you’ll know that this is where a fictional disaster happened and Cher really got behind the relief effort.

After about an hour Seth pulled over at this hotel and again I knew the name; Madonna Inn, it was one of those surreal ‘I watched a random show about this hotel once’ kind of moments, it was one of those you have to stay here before you die shows. It’s not named after the singer but an architect, as he thought anyone can have a hotel and make the rooms the same but he bucked this trend and every room in the hotel is completely different.   I was pretty happy that we got to go in and have a look around, the guys apparently had to try out the bathroom as it’s a motion censored waterfall, us girls checked out the girls bathroom and damn it was fancy. There was a bench, well-lit mirror and a golden chandelier! The gift shop was cool and Hannah bought a fancy wine goblet, we got to see the dining area, which was so pink it was a little off putting before we headed back on the road for another hour.

We passed by Camp Roberts, a military camp and it reminded me of an office and a gentleman, clearly this was a day of film references for me. Apart from that camp it was mostly fields and vegetable farms. Stopping at a park again for lunch, which then turned into an impromptu five on four-basketball game. Jamie, Mel, Seth and I were one team and the rest of the guys and Hannah the other. Believe it or not we actually won 7-6, as we had to call it there and get back on the road. I somehow managed to score 3 points, my team were very good as setting them up for me I think. Still though I was proud of the winning basket I made, as I’m pretty sure I’m the shortest of the group.

Two hours of Disney songs played us into San Francisco, the traffic was insane getting into the city, and it was like being back home on the M25 in rush hour. Seth changed the music as we approached the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco by Scott McKenzie, very apt really. We parked quickly up this hill to go and take some photos of the bridge and with it.

Then it was time to get back in the not so bad traffic to get to the hostel, it was nice but a little odd as we have the standard bunk beds but the sinks and toilets are in the hallways. It literally took us ages to work out where the showers were, we explored most of the hostel before we rounded back to our rooms and saw the showerheads adorning the walls. They were right outside of our rooms! Obviously we never thought to look up, they aren’t marked with a funny symbol like the toilets but with actual non-working showerheads.

Us girls decided to dress up a bit for dinner and drinks, we were in a hostel, in the city so why not? Some of us headed for a pre-dinner drink down the street before getting ubers to a hip little spot called the Cat’s Head. The place smelt like barbeque and it was amazing, sadly dinner didn’t really happen for me, as there wasn’t anything I could eat. I didn’t make a fuss as I wasn’t to bothered. I was content to just sit and chat while the others had dinner.

After dinner we headed to a bar called Butter, it was what you could call a dive bar but the interior was hilarious. There were bra’s hanging from the ceiling, coyote ugly anyone? There was also half a Winnebago in the bar and a popcorn station. The drinks all had comical names, I stuck with a drink called Tiki Trash, let me tell you now it did not deserve to have trash in its name it was wonderful! After a while I gave in and had some of the free popcorn, drinking does make you want to snack after all. I stayed for a bit longer than the rest of the girls as I was having a good time and wasn’t ready to call it a night yet but when I did get back to the hostel, I was so good at trying to be quiet I misjudged where the door was in the dark and really hurt my thumb. That’s karma for all the good of me trying to be considerate, however I did have a great nights sleep.

Photos from San Fran day one:


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